Are These Issues Holding You Back?

I suffered with bouts of depression, stress and negative outburst for years, do you...

  • Suffer with Low Moods or Mood Swings?

  • Little Interest in Life or a dull outlook?

  • Insomnia or poor sleeping habits?

  • Have Difficulty Concentrating?

The Benefits

Learn the amazing disciplines that changed my life! Brought to you in a factual, practical and easy to learn style for you to incorporate easily and quickly into your daily life.

  • Change from being negative to positive in seconds

  • Banish worrying and anxiety from your life

  • Create a successful, positive future with control

  • Achieve clarity of focus and a calm mind

Your Coach

Wellness Coach

Neil Sunley

"A few years ago (despite my background in wellness) I suffered a deep depressive episode where I nearly took my life. The only thing that got me through that dark time, was pushing myself to literally practice what I preached and study more and more about the various techniques now included in my courses. Today, gratefully, I have completely recovered and without any relapse, so my research continues, deeper than ever before into our superhuman capabilities we are all born with. Since that time, I now use all the latest evidence backed methods to help people recover from similar dark episodes and go on to make a positive recovery themselves" Neil Sunley is a registered clinical hypnotherapist (M.hyp, D.hyp), a registered member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists and The Hypnotherapy Directory, and has a therapy clinic in Beverley, Yorkshire, England. Qualified in 2001 he has treated many clients with debilitating issues such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, phobias etc. and through his workshops, talks, 1-2-1 therapy sessions and a range of online courses and hypnosis downloads, has helped clients turn around their lives successfully freeing them from negative none-serving habits. Neil operated a chain of successful fitness and martial arts academies for nearly ten years and believes strongly in the mind, body, spirit connection.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to Your Course!

  • 2

    How Mindfulness Helps

    • The Art of Being Present

    • Eating in a New Way

    • Whole Body scan

    • Your First Steps as a Newborn

  • 3

    What Meditation is Best for Me?

    • Going Inside For Calm

    • Deep Breath Awareness

    • Soul Gratitude

    • Your Personal Place

  • 4

    Why Self-Hypnosis Works

    • Making Real Change Happen

    • Embedding The Change

    • Beginning The Change

    • Developing The Change

  • 5

    Course Summary

    • Final Messages

Make A Positive Change...

Overcome Stress, Anxiety & Negativity

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